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Embracing Disruption & Forging New Tech Pathways


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Deadline April 26

After more than 25 years creating innovative, exciting, and educational programs in libraries and their communities, Internet Librarians and their colleagues face new challenges with the internet and new technologies. They have been adapting to new social and digital changes, developing and engaging with technology for decades, but what does the future hold with all the new and rapidly emerging technologies? Internet pioneer Marc Andressen’s new book, The Future of AI, gives us two options for moving forward with new tech pathways: “A world of fear, guilt, and resentment? Or a world of ambition, abundance, and adventure?” Libraries have always pivoted into the future and adapted to change. Internet Librarians have consistently pushed the net positive power of technology for their communities: As president of SLA in 1995, Jane Dysart put in place; Hope Tillman and Walt Howe championed what the internet could do for libraries and taught us how to use it; tech gurus such as Peter Scott from the University of Saskatchewan created tools like HyTelnet; supersearcher pioneers Mary Ellen Bates and Gary Price continue to share their insights and strategies. Today, Internet Librarians are creating AI-supported programs; using robotics, mixed reality, and sharing ideas on social media; engaging their communities across physical and digital spaces; enabling learning and discovery; and more. Join our virtual event to see what libraries are doing today with the internet and new technologies; grab ideas, insights and ideas; discuss possibilities and experiences; and connect with others from around the world.

The 28th Internet Librarian Connect highlights exciting possibilities for libraries and their communities in a global virtual event. There are so many positive possible futures for libraries in every community—campuses, municipalities, hospitals, schools, corporate and nonprofit enterprises, governments, and more! The trick is to channel the passion that Internet Librarians have into building awareness and relationships in their communities; taking action and not waiting for citizens, students, researchers, business folks, or faculty to come to them; creating and experimenting with innovative programs and services using new and evolving technologies; securing solid partnerships to expand programs and resources; and futurizing strong, collaborative, successful, and sustainable communities! Internet Librarian Connect 2024 highlights how libraries are using AI and machine learning to save time for new programs, dealing with big data to pinpoint insights, using sensors and other Internet of Things devices to improve and extend services; experimenting with extended realities like augmented and virtual reality to delight their communities; and tracking and sharing applications of smart technology with their campuses, organizations, and neighborhoods. Internet Librarians never, however, lose sight of people in their communities as they futurize and transform to make sure they remain relevant and valuable within them.

Join us at the most comprehensive conference for library and information professionals interested in technology to discover the insights, strategies, and practices that allow us to push the envelope in expanding the internet, take advantage of evolving technologies, manage libraries and digital information, and enhance the information sharing and learning experience of people in our communities. Internet Librarian Connect 2024 provides attendees with lots of opportunities to meet and hear from leading “movers and shakers” in the global information industry in all types of environments—leaders in the information industry are integrating content and delighting their clients, organizing and managing digital content in creative ways, setting the context for excellence in information utilization in their organizations, revolutionizing the roles of info pros, creating new learning and discovery areas with makerspaces, and building strong collaborative communities among their customers, colleagues, and partners, as well as using new and evolving technologies in exciting ways. This conference encourages you to bring and share your ideas and champion new practices: This is where ideas and action come together, catalysts are born, and where innovation ignites.

Information Today Inc., a key provider of technology conferences for more than 40 years, is pleased to announce the 28th annual Internet Librarian—the only conference for information professionals who are using, developing, and embracing internet and web-based strategies in their roles as information architects and navigators; digital managers, developers, and integrators; content evaluators and curators; taxonomists; searchers; community builders, managers, and partners; information providers, trainers, and guides; and more. This comprehensive conference and exhibition offer a wide-ranging program designed to meet the needs of librarians, information managers, systems professionals, researchers, content managers, curators, and information specialists. Internet Librarian Connect 2024 caters to all interests and all levels of knowledge with four simultaneous tracks, plus many workshop and networking opportunities.

This year’s tracks encompass such topics as Discovery & Navigation, Makerspace Strategies & Creative Services, Smart Tools & Technologies, Integrating Evolving Technologies, AI & Machine Learning, User Experience, Curating Digital Assets, Resetting & Inspiring Innovation, Web Presence Development & Management, Enterprise Trends, Social Media & Networking, Collaborating With New Community Partners, Content Management, and more. Speakers are knowledgeable and authoritative and focus on practical applications, new tools and techniques, and case studies as well as technical and managerial issues. Please consider sending us a proposal to speak. The following is a list of some topics we hope to cover, but don’t let this list limit your imagination! We look forward to hearing from you.

Conference Topics

  • AI Basics & Library Strategies
  • Action for Impact – Case Studies
  • Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
  • Inspiring Connections & Partnerships
  • Community Integration Strategies
  • ROI Tips & Tools for Libraries
  • Tactics Against Disinformation & Fake News
  • Customer Engagement & Service
  • Innovation & Excellence in Libraries
  • Attention-Grabbing Engagement Strategies
  • Facilitating Knowledge Sharing & Learning
  • Business Practices for Library Excellence
  • Revolutionizing Roles & Services
  • Makerspaces & Libraries
  • Creative Community Connections
  • Creative Funding of Tech Initiatives
  • Dealing with Changing Space Issues
  • Information Discovery
  • Leading Edge Technologies & Libraries
  • Integrating Content for Creative Products
  • Streamlining User Online Experiences
  • User Generated Content & Services
  • New Roles for Info Pros
  • Leading-Edge Digital Library Practices
  • Mobile Campuses & Communities
  • Improving Digital Info Flows & Access
  • Identifying & Working with Information Partners
  • Usability & Web Site Functionality
  • Navigating & Search Tools
  • Social Media Strategies & Practices
  • Semantic Web Strategies and Applications
  • New Workspace/place Concepts & Cases
  • Next Generation eBook Strategies & Policies
  • Designing for Web Devices & Appliances
  • Knowledge Management Strategies
  • Distance-Learning Technologies
  • Navigating Strategies & Techniques
  • Integrating K-12 Curriculum & Net Technology
  • Web Development Tools & Techniques
  • New Tech Pathways for Libraries
  • What’s Next for the Future?
  • Machine Learning
  • Magic Sauce Recipes for Library Success
  • Smart Campuses, Cities & Companies
  • New Funding Strategies & Practices
  • Pivot Strategies for Fast Change
  • Empowering Conversations
  • Management & Leadership Development
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Tech Tools for Collaboration
  • Impact & Value for Libraries
  • Harnessing Social Media
  • Digital Strategies & Practices
  • Mobile & Pop Up Libraries & Services
  • Digital Preservation
  • Digital Content Curation
  • Managing Devices & Gadgets
  • Content Streaming
  • Social Media Apps for Libraries
  • Discovery Platforms
  • Tips for Web Redesign
  • Creating & Testing New Ideas
  • New & Converging Technologies
  • Search Engine Nuts & Bolts
  • Hot Trends for Internet Librarians
  • Podcasting & Videocasting – Tips
  • Cool Video Applications
  • Shifting Roles & Strategies
  • Intranet Politics & Web Teams
  • Search Engine Tips
  • Cutting-Edge Tech & Apps
  • Negotiating for E-Resources
  • Visual Interfaces
  • Elearning Tips & Tools
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Digital Library Services & Archiving
  • Digital Ethnography
  • Building Customer Relationships

How to Submit a Proposal

IIf you would like to participate in Internet Librarian Connect 2024 as a speaker or workshop leader, please complete the submission form here.

or contact the program chair or program coordinator at the email addresses listed below as soon as possible (April 12, 2024, at the very latest). Include the following brief details of your proposed presentation: title, abstract, a few sentences of biographical information that relate to the topic, and full contact information (title, address, email, phone) for you and any co-presenters. All abstracts are reviewed by the Organizing/Review Committee, and notification regarding acceptance is made in June.

Jane I. Dysart, Program Chair
Dysart & Jones Associates

Brian Pichman, Program Coordinator
Evolve Project

Organizing/Review Committee

Erik Boekesteijn, National Library of the Netherlands
Susan Broman, Los Angeles Public Library
Cindy Hill, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
David Lee King, Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library
Chad Mairn, St. Petersburg College
Marydee Ojala, Editor, Online Searcher & KMWorld magazine
Amanda Sweet, Nebraska Library Commission
Jeff Wisniewski, University of Pittsburgh

About Information Today, Inc.

Internet Librarian Connect 2024 is organized and produced by Information Today, Inc., a diversified digital media and print publisher and conference and events organizer and producer. Our mission is to deliver world-class content in a variety of formats and serve our audiences with the information they need to make informed and critical decisions for their organizations.