Limelight Networks CDN Services

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Networks CDN Services

by Faulkner Staff

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Publication Date: 2105

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Limelight’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) Services use one of the world’s largest private networks.
Connected directly to approximately 135 access networks around the world – the same
networks that enable the Internet – Limelight claims its CDN provides 95+
Terabits of egress per second when downloading a Web page, software applications, video,
or other content.

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Limelight Networks offers its content delivery network
(CDN) service, which is built upon the Limelight Orchestrate Platform,
delivering on-demand or streaming video, software files, games, or entire Web sites.


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Content Delivery Network

In a CDN, content is
copied and distributed – or replicated – to strategically dispersed servers. When a specific page or file is requested by
an authorized user, the CDN identifies the nearest server (as determined
by the minimum number of nodes between the server and the user) and disseminates
the information. By ensuring that content is delivered from the nearest
source, data transit and system response time are minimized.

The concept is analogous to a product
distribution network in which an enterprise maintains three product warehouses,
each stocked with the same merchandise. One warehouse is located in New
York, another in Chicago, and the third in Los Angeles. If a customer
located in Philadelphia orders a product, the product is shipped from the
nearest warehouse (in this case, New York). Similarly, if a customer in
Phoenix orders the same product, the product is dispatched from the warehouse
closest to Phoenix (namely, Los Angeles).

Name: Limelight Networks, Inc.
1465 N. Scottsdale Road
Suite 400
Scottsdale, AZ 85257
(602) 850-5000
(866) 200-5463
Type of Vendor: Content Delivery Network Services Provider
Founded: 2001
Service Areas: Worldwide
Stock Symbol: LLNW (Nasdaq)

Entering the CDN market in 2001, Limelight Networks operates a vast
telecommunications and content delivery network. As of 2021, the network has
more than 130 points of presence (POPs) in nearly 80 locations.around the globe,
with another eight in the planning stage. Points of presence can be defined as delivery locations.

Limelight’s CDN services are built upon the Orchestrate Platform. This platform consists of
thousands of servers running cloud-based software integrated with a large
private network to provide dynamic content delivery and cloud security.
Organizations can deliver digital content to any device in any location. 

Limelight’s Content Delivery Services are connected directly to hundreds of access networks around the world – the same
networks that enable the Internet – Limelight’s CDN provides a better, i.e.,
faster, experience when downloading a Web page, a software application, a video,
or other small or large content element, with 95+ Tbps egress capacity and 100GbE private fiber backbone.

Delivery Services can handle demands on the order of a presidential inauguration or the
Olympics. Limelight uses its own CDN to deliver its products and services to
customers worldwide.

Limelight’s CDN service offerings and their features are outlined in Table

Table 1. Limelight Networks’ CDN Services and Features
Product Features
Limelight Orchestrate Platform Consisting of a global, private IP network, the
Orchestrate Platform promotes cache efficiency and connection management
features so that content is always available.

  • Caching all Web site content.
  • Supports IPv4 and IPv6 Internet protocols.
  • Offers granular control over traffic shape, failover origins, and
    multi-CDN workflows. 
  • Supports HTTP 1.1 and HTTP/2.
  • Accelerates content between the client and the CDN edge through
    TCP optimizations, compression and connections. 
  • Manages origin selection, connectivity, and failover during
    content delivery. 
  • Delivers HTTP streaming while decreasing the load on origin
  • Uses a set of dedicated IP addresses for delivery of zero-rated
    traffic into carriers. 
  • Content with high abandon rates can be rate limited.
  • HTTP Request and Response headers can be customized to control
    content caching and boost analytics. 
SmartPurge This CDN purging system works in near real-time to boot
stale content and functions through APIs or a graphical user

  • Once a purge request is received, that content will no longer be
    served to end users.
  • Purges can be conducted at any portion of the Origin URl, path,
    filename, or extension.
  • Items can be purged by content tag. 
  • Prior to a purge, administrators can conduct a dry run to view
    statistics on the content that will be removed. 
  • All purged content is permanently removed from Limelight CDN.
  • Purging parameters are configurable. 
  • Dashboards allow for viewing of purge status, execution details,
    accounts, and which users requested purges. 
  • Purge executions are stored and can be used at a later time to
    create templates. 
Origin Shield By assigning one or more PoPs as a proxy, Origin Shield
helps increase cache hit efficiency. 

  • Improves workflows in Limelight and multi-CDN environments. 
  • Supports multi-CDN video streaming workflows with a single request
    to origin. 
  • Reduces requests to origin servers.
ARC Light ARC Light helps speed up content delivery. User request
and origin responses are modified to boost speed to content and offload
business logic from the application infrastructure. 
Origin Storage Limelight’s Origin Storage, along with the vendor’s
private backbone, enable quick storage retrieval and delivery on cache
miss. Automated regional replication grabs content and delivers it from
the fastest location. 

Origin Storage serves as primary origin storage or backup origin
storage for another CDN. 

Control  Control is a self-service portal for configuration of
delivery services and live events, content management, administration
and securing of the environment, usage analysis, and online support
Edge Analytics Edge Analytics consists of a suite of tools to enable
companies to better understand their content delivery. These tools
provide details regarding content, traffic, applications, and user


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Customers who use Limelight’s services are from all over the globe and
conduct business in various industries. CERN, DIRECTV, Napster,
Marvel, Paul Mitchell, STARZ Entertainment, Lionsgate, Kaspersky Lab, NTT DoCoMo,
Roku, and Universal Music Group are just a few of the companies who
count themselves as Limelight clients.  

With a suite of services dedicated to satisfying specific client content
delivery needs, Limelight offers::

  • Video Content Management so that organizations can manage, publish,
    syndicate, analyze, and monetize video content through the cloud..
  • Performance to boost performance of Web sites and applications.
  • Content Delivery to distribute rich media files to any format. 
  • Mobile-Device Media Delivery to promote live and on-demand video to
    media-enabled devices by creating multiple output formats.
  • Cloud Storage which offers high performance upload and delivery of all
  • Cloud Security to prevent distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks
    and mitigation techniques along with access control features and WAF
    application security. 
  • Edge, which includes capabilities to process, analyze, and aggregate
    information where it is generated. 


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The Orchestrate Platform supports on-demand and live streaming for RTMP, HLS,


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Limelight clients have access to an expert support staff,
available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Self-help options, including user
guides, release notes, diagnostic tools, and more are available through a
customer support portal. A trouble ticket system
provides automated ticket creation and escalation, as well as logs and reports,
to help resolve client issues quickly. According to the vendor, customers have
"free, unrestricted access to live technical support." 

To receive Limelight support, issues can be submitted by sending an email to  


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Product and pricing information is available directly from a Limelight Networks
representative. Interested parties are invited to call (866) 200-5463 or (602)
850-5000 to connect with the sales department. Companies may also request a
free trial of CDN services by completing a form at


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The CDN services sector is a competitive one and it first began 20 years ago
with Akamai, still the main vendor in the market.

  • Akamai Media Delivery Solutions

  • Amazon CloudFront Service

  • CDNetworks‘ CDN 360
  • Verizon Digital Media Services‘ Edgecast Content Delivery
    Network Service
  • Lumen Technologies Content Delivery Solutions 
  • Fastly CDN Services
  • StackPath CDN Services

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Verizon Digital Media Services: 

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