Dell EMC Networked Storage Systems

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Dell EMC
Networked Storage Systems

by Brady Hicks

Docid: 00017867

Publication Date: 2007

Report Type: PRODUCT


Dell EMC – which is born out of Dell’s $60 billion, 2016 purchase of EMC –
offers a complete lineup of Networking Storage Systems. The portfolio includes
a family of popular brands such as VxBlock, PowerOne, XtremIO, SC Series, ECS,
and VPLEX, VxRail, vSAN, and PowerEdge, among others. The family offers coverage for cloud-based, converged, hyperconverged, networking, server, data protection, and data storage
infrastructure. This profile takes
a deeper look at the current Dell EMC Networked Storage Systems portfolio.

Report Contents:


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Dell acquired storage network systems rival EMC for $60
billion in September 2016. As "Dell EMC," the unit offers a complete lineup of Networked
Storage Systems.

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Dell EMC Company Profile

A networked storage system is one designed to incorporate networked storage
as part of an IT infrastructure; address aspects such as performance,
availability, and security; and manage and protect information. This particular
portfolio encompasses a complete family that includes – among others –
established brands such as VxBlock, PowerOne, XtremIO, SC Series, ECS, and
VPLEX, VxRail, vSAN, and PowerEdge, among others.


Name: Dell / EMC

176 South Street
Hopkinton, MA 01748
(508) 435-1000
(800) 782-4362

Type of Vendor:

  Computer Storage Devices
Founded: 1979
Service Areas: Worldwide

The Dell EMC lineup includes categories such as:

  • Cloud

    – Cloud and cloud-enabled infrastructure
  • Converged Infrastructure – Helps run IT via pre-integrated,
    validated, and workload-optimized technology.
  • Data Protection – Portfolio to ensure data security regardless of
    where information is stored.
  • Data Storage – Store, protect, and manage data with
    All-Flash arrays, software-defined storage, and other options.

  • Hyperconverged Infrastructure

    – Streamlines cloud-based
  • Networking – Open networking products to improve data center
  • Servers – Accelerate workload performance and deploy up to 10,000

These categories, and the brands and types of products that they include, are listed in
Table 1.

Table 1. Networked
Storage By Type
Category Product Types
  • Cloud
  • Cloud-Enabled Infrastructure
Converged Infrastructure
  • VxBlock 1000
  • PowerOne
Data Protection
  • PowerProtect Data Protection & Backup Appliances
  • PowerProtect Data Protection & Backup Software
  • Data Protection & Backup Solutions
Data Storage
  • Primary Storage (PowerMax, PowerFlex, XtremIO, PowerStore,
    Unity XT, SC Series, PowerVault)
  • Unstructured Data Storage (PowerScale, ECS, Streaming Data
  • Data Storage Essentials (CloudIQ, DataIQ, Connectrix SAN,
    VPLEX, PowerPath, Storage Resource Manager, AppSync, Storage
    Automation & DevOps Resources, CloudLink)
  • Data Storage Workload Solutions (Storage Solutions for SAP,
    AI, and Oracle, Cloud Storage, Storage for Data Analytics)
  • Data Storage Industry Solutions (Healthcare, Media &
    Entertainment, Mainframe Environments, Automotive, Oil & Gas,
    Safety and Security, Semiconductor Design and Manufacturing)
  • File & Object Storage
Hyperconverged Infrastructure
  • VxRail
  • VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail
  • PowerFlex
  • vSAN Ready Nodes
  • Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack Hub
  • Solutions for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI
  • Ethernet Switches
  • Network Management Software
  • Network Operating Systems
  • Wireless Networking
  • Edge Platforms
  • PowerEdge Rack
  • PowerEdge Tower
  • PowerEdge Modular Infrastructure
  • PowerEdge Specialty Servers
  • PowerEdge Industrial-Grade Servers
  • Management Solutions


Dell EMC’s Cloud products are designed to help create a multi-cloud strategy,
unify environments, and reduce risk. The portfolio includes


to modernize infrastructure and streamline IT management,

  • Cloud

    services to ensure consistent infrastructure across
    private, public, and "edge" deployments.

  • Cloud-Enabled Infrastructure

    to adopt a "data-first" mindset,
    modernize IT operations, store and protect data, enhance public cloud use,
    and monitor and manage cloud-based analytics.

Converged Infrastructure

Dell EMC offers hyper-converged infrastructure products to streamline and
transform IT operations while also bringing together compute, storage,
networking, and data protection. These products – which have undergone
consolidation in the past year – are detailed in Table 2.

Table 2. Converged
Infrastructure Portfolio
Product (Type) Description
VxBlock 1000 Streamlines IT and transforms operations
by bringing together compute, storage, networking, and data
protection in fully-engineered systems and validated designs
PowerOne System Offering to streamline autonomous
operations with flexible consumption options to shift from
traditional to modern cloud-based operations.

Data Protection

Dell EMC provides Data Protection services, from "core to edge to cloud," to
provide centralized management and automation via software-defined, cloud-based

Data Protection & Backup Appliances.

This portfolio offers
cloud-enabled protection storage, integrated appliances, and software-defined
solutions, and includes:

  • PowerProtect Appliance
  • Integrated Data Protection Appliances
  • Data Domain

Data Protection & Backup Software.

This collection offers next-gen
data management to transform IT, protect data capital, and create business
value. Applications include:

  • PowerProtect Software
  • Data Protection Suite

Data Protection & Backup Solutions.

Coverage is available for:

  • Cyber Recovery
  • Virtualization
  • Cloud

Data Storage

Table 3 looks at EMC’s Data Storage Portfolio in greater detail.

Table 3. Data Storage
Type Product
Primary Storage
Unity XT

All-Flash Unified Storage


NVMe Data Storage

High-performance software-defined foundation for agile

intelligent, adaptable infrastructure

SC Series

All-Flash and Hybrid Storage


Block Storage


All-Flash Array

Unstructured Data Storage PowerScale
Data handling with intelligent insight

Cloud-scale, geo-distributed object storage

Streaming Data Platform
Software to analyze and ingest streaming data from the edge

Data Storage Essentials CloudIQ
Cloud-based app that leverages ML (machine-learning) to
proactively monitor data center environment health

Application for discovering, understanding, and acting on
unstructured data across one’s environment

Connectrix SAN
SAN product for sharing block-based storage over servers

Application for continuous availability and data mobility

Intelligent management for data paths between servers and

Storage Resource Manager
On-premise monitoring and reporting to optimize heterogeneous
storage environments

Integrated copy data management

Storage Automation & DevOps Resources
Integrations with DevOps and Automation platforms

Data encryption and key management software for data-at-rest
in public, private, and hybrid cloud-based environments

Data Storage Workload Solutions Storage Solutions for SAP, AI, and Oracle
Power and scale for consolidation, automation, and operations

Cloud Storage

Cloud-based storage for data.

Storage for Data Analytics
Data analytics options

Data Storage Industry Solutions Includes options for:

  • Healthcare
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Mainframe Environments
  • Automotive
  • Oil & Gas
  • Safety & Security
  • Semiconductor Design and Manufacturing.

Figure 1 shows the PowerMax.

Figure 1. PowerMax

Figure 1. PowerMax

Source: Dell EMC

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Dell EMC’s HCI portfolio includes integrated systems and "building blocks"
such as:

  • VxRail
    and Cloud Foundation on VxRail – Integrated systems, designed with VMware, to streamline
  • PowerFlex – High-performance, software-defined agile enterprise
  • vSAN Ready Nodes
    – Combines PowerEdge servers with vSAN for a
    pre-configured solution
  • Integrated
    Solutions for Microsoft Azure Stack Hub and HCI

    – Pre-validated
    configurations with solution-level support


Dell EMC’s Networking portfolio includes Ethernet switch, access platform,
and wireless networking options, as well as supporting system software to:

  • Improve network performance
  • Protect investments in Dell EMC network hardware
  • Enhance network infrastructure with new innovation
  • Deliver business agility


Dell EMC’s servers include PowerEdge Rack, Modular Infrastructure, and Tower

PowerEdge Rack. The PowerEdge Rack family includes one-socket, two-socket, and four-socket

PowerEdge Modular infrastructure. Modular servers include Dell EMC’s PowerEdge FX Series (hybrid rack-based),
VRTX (integrates servers, storage, networking, and management), and MX Series
(blade-based server node).

Tower. Dell’s PowerEdge Tower servers are designed to scale with an organization,

  • Flexible configurations with large internal capacity.
  • A portfolio for SOHO, ROBO, and SMB markets.
  • Rackable infrastructure for continued use as companies’ needs grow.

The portfolio also includes a collection of specialty and industrial-grade
servers, as well as management solutions.


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Dell EMC’s Networked Storage Systems portfolio is developed for organizations
looking to manage a network’s enterprise-critical applications by providing
infrastructure and support for stringent service levels, including the
networking needs of virtually any sized organization. Table 4 looks at specific
applications for EMC’s major networked storage offerings.

Table 4. Use Cases
Coverage Area Product

Converged Infrastructure

VxBlock, PowerOne

Data Storage and Protection

PowerProtect, PowerMax, PowerFlex, XtremIO, PowerStore, Unity, SC, PowerVault,
PowerScale, ECS, CloudIQ, DataIQ, Connectrix, VPLEX, PowerPath

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

VxRail, PowerFlex, vSAN

Server Coverage



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Dell EMC’s Networked Storage Systems use an open platform technology that
works with mainframes and most Windows and Linux environments.


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Dell EMC’s support services include options such as Online Support, Support
by Product, Downloads, Communities, and Live Chats. This includes a mixed-vendor
storage network service and support initiative, as well as professional services
such as 24×7 monitoring, equipment troubleshooting, and a "call home" feature
that self-monitors algorithms to detect potential failures and dispatch EMC
customer engineers for repair.


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The cost for Dell EMC’s collection of Network Storage Systems is largely
configuration dependent. Customers can request a price quote from the individual
product pages via the EMC Web site.


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Top competitors include Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HDS, Cisco, Oracle, and
NetApp, among others.

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About the Author

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Brady Hicks is an editor with Faulkner Information Services.
He writes about computer and networking hardware, software, communications
networks and equipment, and the Internet.

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