SecureWorks Managed Security Services

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Managed Security Services

by Faulkner Staff

Docid: 00021376

Publication Date: 2003

Report Type: PRODUCT


SecureWorks Managed Security Services encompass the full spectrum of
network security services from conventional firewall management to managed
policy compliance. It serves more than 4,100 clients in over 50 countries.
In 2016, SecureWorks became a public organization. It is still
majority-owned by Dell. This report looks at the specific features offered
through SecureWorks.

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SecureWorks offers a variety of managed security services, protecting
client networks, safeguarding client perimeters, preserving critical
client assets, and enabling remote users, customers, and partners to
safely and securely access client information and information systems
according to their established access privileges.


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SecureWorks serves a wide range of clients, from Fortune 100 firms with
large security teams to small businesses and other organizations with no
full-time security staff.

Some clients look to Dell SecureWorks to supplement their existing
security staff, monitoring certain systems and devices and reporting
anomalies as they occur. Other clients engage SecureWorks to actively
manage some or all of their security environment. They expect – and
receive – multiple security reports, each appropriate for a particular
internal audiences, from executives and board members to security analysts
and administrators.

One Concourse Parkway, Ste. 500
Atlanta, GA 30328
(404) 327-6339

Since security threats may manifest at any time, SecureWorks’ certified
security analysts are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Client Portal

The Dell SecureWorks Client Portal provides clients with full visibility
into their security and compliance posture with advanced reporting
functionality integrated across all of Dell SecureWorks’
Managed Security
Threat Intelligence

With the Customer Portal
mobile application
, clients can access their security data anywhere,

Managed Security Services

Dell SecureWorks Managed Security Services encompass the full spectrum of
network security services from conventional Firewall Management to Managed
Policy Compliance.

Services Category

Services Description

Discrete Services

Network Security

Services that monitor a client’s
environment 24×7 to provide early warnings of cybersecurity
threats and actionable intelligence.

Advanced Malware Protection and
Detection (AMPD)

Managed Advanced Malware Protection

Managed Firewall

Managed IDS/IPS

Managed iSensor Intrusion Prevention

Endpoint Security

Services that detects malware and other
“tradecraft” a threat actor may use, as well as detect behaviors
suggesting their presence in a client’s environment.

Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection

Monitored Server Protection

Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection
– Red Cloak

Vulnerability Management

Services that feature a dedicated
vulnerability management team.

Managed Vulnerability Scanning

Managed Web Application Scanning

Managed Policy Compliance

PCI Scanning

Vulnerability Threat

Security Monitoring

Services that prevent false positives
and identify true threats in security logs and alerts

Log Management

CTU Intelligence Services

Dell SecureWorks provides clients with proactive security. With threat
visibility across thousands of client networks, the Dell SecureWorks
Counter Threat Unit (CTU) security research team performs in-depth
analysis of emerging threats and zero-day vulnerabilities. The Dell
SecureWorks CTU Intelligence Services deliver early warnings – and
actionable security intelligence – enabling clients to quickly protect
against threats and vulnerabilities before they impact the enterprise.

CTU Intelligence Services provide:

  • Proactive, actionable intelligence tailored to the client’s
  • Detailed remediation information and recommendations.
  • Consultation with Dell SecureWorks threat experts.
  • On-demand access to extensive threat and vulnerability databases.
  • Malware analysis upon request.
  • Integration with other Dell SecureWorks security services for unified


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Perhaps the most prominent features of SecureWorks Managed Security
Services are the provider’s dedication to compliance, and the use of
“context” to analyze security threats.

Compliance. While the CSO concentrates on security, the
CEO is more likely to focus on compliance. After all, adherence to
regulatory standards is a leading indicator of good security. SecureWorks
Managed Security Services provide key controls for major regulations and
standards, including
, and
ISO 27001/27002

Counter Threat Platform. The Counter Threat Platform
(CTP) is SecureWorks’ proprietary Managed Security Services platform. The
CTP considers “context”, or security activity within a particular client’s
environment, to help assess the potential impact of global threats on that
client. With this context, SecureWorks’ certified security experts can
deliver faster, more accurate, and more targeted threat detection and


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SecureWorks’ Managed Security Services are delivered from five Security Operations Centers (SOCs) worldwide. These centers integrate to
provide continuous operations, with all locations staffed and fully
functional around the clock, every day of the year. State of the art video
conferencing and voice communication technologies, as well as instant
communication tools, enable tight collaboration between all SOC teams.

SOC Security Analysts hold a variety of security industry and product
certifications such as CISSP, CCNA, CCSP, CCSE, CCSA, MCSE, etc.

SecureWorks serves 4,100 clients in over 50 countries.


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  • AT&T Managed Security Services
  • IBM Managed Security Services
  • Symantec Managed Security Services
  • Verizon Enterprise Managed Security Services


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In February 2011, Dell, better known as a PC provider, acquired
SecureWorks, a globally recognized supplier of information security
services. This transaction enabled Dell to offer managed security services
to its clients through a new entity Dell SecureWorks. With Dell’s market
presence and SecureWorks reputation, Dell SecureWorks is challenging more
established MSSPs like AT&T, IBM, Symantec, and Verizon Enterprise. In
2016, the company become a public organization. Dell still owns a majority
of SecureWorks.

Gartner has placed SecureWorks in the 2019 Magic Quadrant for Global
MSSPs as a leader. According to Gartner, “The company is busy with its own
R&D while also partnering up to support third-party endpoint
protection tools.”1

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