IBM Asset Management

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Asset Management

by Karen Spring

Docid: 00018468

Publication Date: 1911

Report Type: PRODUCT


IBM’s Asset Management software and systems fall under the Maximo product
line. Maximo Asset Management streamlines enterprise assets, conditions, and
work processes to enable better planning and control. This report
profiles IBM’s Asset Management portfolio.

Report Contents:


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IBM’s Maximo Asset Management portfolio is a productivity tool and database
that enables organizations to manage all assets on a single software platform.
Built on a service-oriented architecture, Maximo Asset Management delivers a
cohesive view of all asset types, their conditions and locations, and the work
processes that support them.

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Asset Management. Asset management provides managers and IT departments with
a dashboard view of their assets using applications such as inventory
tracking, procurement assistance, and performance monitoring.

Designed for Multiple Industries. IBM’s portfolio is intended for use in a number of
industries including utilities, oil and gas, service
providers, and transportation. 


Name: IBM
1 New Orchard Road
Armonk, NY 10504
(914) 499-1900
(800) 426-4968
Type of Vendor: Computer and Communications Hardware,
Software, and Services
Founded: 1914
Service Areas: Worldwide
Stock Symbol: IBM (NYSE)

Maximo Asset Management

Maximo Asset Management unifies comprehensive asset lifecycle and maintenance management on a single platform. The software:

  • Manages users by determining which sites, applications, and
    menu options they can access.
  • Transfers product configurations and customizations from
    development to test to production environments. 
  • Integrates with external financial applications for tracking
    and access purposes.
  • Develops and implements workflow to automate business and
    management processes.
  • Integrates enterprise applications and creates business flows
    with framework applications.

Maximo Asset Management helps customers:

Table 1 details all of IBM’s Maximo Asset Management add-on product lines.

Table 1. IBM Maximo Asset Management Add-Ons
Product Description

Maximo Anywhere

A platform for building and deploying mobile apps. This platform
includes MobileFirst Platform Foundation components enabling the
integration between Maximo Anywhere mobile apps and Maximo Asset

Maximo Asset Configuration

Offers real-time calculation of an asset’s configuration and the life
of each component of the asset. Performs system and component analysis
and reporting.

Maximo Scheduler

Allows planners to view any upcoming work graphically,
compare the required resources against those available and adjust

Maximo Scheduler Plus

Enhances Maximo Scheduler with management of dependencies
from a single graphical view.

Maximo Calibration

Calibrates tools and measurement equipment and standards
to optimize the quality of products produced.

Maximo Health, Safety and Environment Manager

Integrates Health, Safety, and Environment processes with
work and asset management though a foundational enterprise platform.

Maximo Linear Asset Manager

Management for linear assets such as labor, materials,
and work orders.

Maximo Service Provider

Manages customer agreements, service delivery, customer billing, and supplier

Maximo ERP Adapter

Connects Maximo to SAP or Oracle systems. 

Maximo Network on Blockchain

Creates traceable, accurate asset transactions to manage
teams and provider transactions across the asset lifecycle.

Maximo Spatial Asset Management

Provides tools to capture, analyze, and display assets,
locations and work orders in a geospatial perspective.


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IBM Asset Management is targeted toward enterprise and
industry users. In addition to large enterprises, IBM targets key industries
such as utilities, oil and gas, service providers, government, and
transportation. Combined, IBM’s asset
management systems
are intended to increase efficiency, cut energy costs, and improve productivity.

Table 2 outlines the applications of IBM Asset Management for particular

Table 2. IBM Asset Management Enterprise and Industry Applications
Industry Applications
Healthcare Tracks and locates critical assets, monitors facility conditions, and
integrates with operation health information systems.

Offers capabilities for linear assets, configuration management, and
crew schedule or dispatching.

Nuclear Power Addresses regulatory requirements to improve productivity.
Life Sciences Monitors equipment and assets to remain FDA compliant.
Oil and Gas, Mining and Metals

Manages production equipment, facilities, transportation, and IT

Service Providers

Manage multiple communications customer assets from a single


Provides reporting and analysis of fleets, fuel, and other

Manufacturing Oversees maintenance activities for such sectors as automotive,
electronics, aerospace, and consumer products.


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Maximo Asset Management is available as both an on-premises and a
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) option. It supports the following operating

  • AIX 7.1
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter Edition
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition
  • Windows Server 2016 Datacenter Edition
  • Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition


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IBM offers extensive Technical Support options through its Passport Advantage
service (primarily intended for large enterprise customers) and
its Passport Advantage Express service (primarily intended for
small-to-medium-sized enterprise customers).

With Technical Support a customer’s IT staff can get:

  • Telephone access to technical product specialists for answers to
    product-specific and task-oriented questions about everything – from product installation to
  • Electronic access to IBM’s technical support knowledge bases.
  • Online access to 24×7 technical support including enhanced self-help and
    search capabilities available via the IBM Support Portal.


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IBM sells Asset Management products through its
Passport Advantage program. Interested parties should contact IBM directly for pricing information for
their particular environment and needs. IBM does offer a free trial of the
Maximo Enterprise Asset Management core offering for 20 users. 


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IBM competes with major enterprise software vendors in the asset management
sector, including Infor, SAP, and Oracle. In 2018, Gartner positioned IBM
the highest out of all vendors for enterprise asset management.1

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1 "Magic Quadrant
for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)." Gartner. October 15, 2018.

About the Author

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Karen M. Spring is a staff editor for Faulkner Information
Services, tracking several high-tech industries. She has research experience in
various topics including network security, data breaches, malware, public
safety, business continuity and resilience and vulnerabilities. She has written
on high-tech topics for publications in the k-12 and higher education industry.
Ms. Spring started her career as a marketing specialist for two computer
distributors, working closely with such clients as 3Com, IBM, Okidata, Unisys,
and Acer. 

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