Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Company Brief

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Company Brief
Allscripts Healthcare Solutions

by Karen Spring

Docid: 00011327

Publication Date: 1909

Report Type: VENDOR


Allscripts offers a variety of products and services to physicians and
hospitals including electronic health records (EHR), electronic prescribing,
practice management, and financial management solutions. These offerings are intended to
help healthcare organizations and physician offices meet their clinical and
financial goals. Founded in 1986, Allscripts has grown through acquisitions.

Report Contents:

Fast Facts

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Name: Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc 
222 Merchandise Mart Plaza 
Suite 2024
Chicago, IL 60654
(800) 334-8534
Type of Vendor: Software
Founded: 1986
Service Areas: Healthcare
Stock Symbol: MDRX


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Founded in 1986, Allscripts Healthcare Solutions provides clinical
software, electronic prescribing, care management, and post acute offerings to physicians to improve the quality of healthcare while
enabling doctors and other medical professionals to perform their jobs more
efficiently. The Allscripts portfolio of offerings is intended to address a
range of healthcare industry needs, giving clients the capabilities they need to
connect with and engage their patients. 

Allscripts has acquired various complementary vendors over the
years including ChannelHealth in 2000, Advanced Imaging Concepts in 2003, A4
Health Systems in 2006, Misys Healthcare in 2008, and dbMotion in 2013. The most
noteworthy transaction took place in 2010 when Allscripts merged with former
competitor Eclipsys in a deal valued at $1.3 billion. 

Key Executives

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Chairman of the Board: Michael Klayko

Chief Executive Officer: Paul M. Black

President: Rick Poulton

Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer: Ann Marie Beasley

Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and Strategy: Richard

Chief Financial Officer: Dennis Olis

Executive Vice President, General Counsel, and Chief Administrative
Brian Farley

President, Allscripts International: Alan Fowles

Senior Vice President, Solutions Development: Jim Morrison

Executive Vice President and Chief Client Delivery Officer: Lisa Khorey

Senior Vice President, US Hospitals and Health Systems Sales: John Sage

Senior Vice President, Sales Operations: Leah Jones

Senior Vice President and General Manager: Steve Lalonde

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Veradigm: Tom Langan

Major Clinical Products

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offers an array of clinical products targeting the enterprise customer as well
as small and medium-sized organizations including electronic health records.
Table 1 outlines Allscripts’ main offerings.

Table 1. Allscripts Products
Product/Service Description
Electronic Health Records

Allscripts provides a portfolio of electronic health records (EHRs) for
hospitals, health systems and community and physican practices. These offerings

  • Sunrise – A comprehensive EHR platform for larger hospitals that is
    comprised of different service lines. Functionalities include: 

    • Sunrise Acute Care
    • Sunrise Ambulatory Care
    • Sunrise Mobile
    • Sunrise Surgical Care
    • Sunrise Rehabilitation
    • iPro Anesthesia
    • Sunrise Wound Care
    • Sunrise Access Manager
    • Sunrise Pharmacy
    • Allscripts Infusion Logic
    • Allscripts Census Logic
    • Allscripts Surgical Logic
    • Allscripts Patient Flow
    • Sunrise Oncology
    • Allscripts Clinical Performance Management
    • Sunrise Financial Manager
    • Sunrise Health Information Management
    • Sunrise Radiology
    • Sunrise Patient Administration System
    • Sunrise Abstracting
    • Sunrise Charge Logic
  • Paragon – Designed for community hospitals and health systems,
    Paragon combines clinical, financial, and administrative features into a
    cohesive EHR. 
  • Allscripts TouchWorks EHR – For larger single and multi-specialty
    practices, TouchWorks is an open platform enabling the customization of
  • Allscripts Professional EHR – Small- and mid-sized physician
    practices depend upon Professional EHR to balance patient care and
    streamline operations. 
Payer and Life Sciences

Veradigm is Allscripts’ payer and life sciences business. Veradigm helps improve
the quality of healthcare delivery through tools for clinical workflow,
research, analytics, and media. 

Patient Engagement

FollowMyHealth is a patient engagement platform with options for telehealth and
remote patient monitoring. Fully customizable, this offering enables patients to
actively participate in their care via their own smart devices. 

Financial Management

Allscripts’ financial solutions support revenue cycle, claims management,
budgeting and analytics for companies in the healthcare sector. The tools are
designed to help physicians improve patient flow, boost quality care, optimize
referral networks, reduce costs, and boost positive outcomes. Offerings

  • Practice Financial Platform
  • Revenue Cycle Management Services
  • Practice Analytics
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • EPSi
Population Health Management

CareInMotion is Allscripts’ population health management platform that enables
the delivery of care coordination, patient engagement, connectivity, data
aggregation, and analytics. It consists of:

  • dbMotion
  • Care Director
  • Population Health Analytics
  • CarePort
Precision Medicine

2bPrecise is a platform that integrates genomic information with the provider’s
EHR workflow to deliver insights and data that help in the coordination of
patient care plans. 

Major Competitors

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Allscripts competes with numerous organizations
including developers of revenue cycle and practice management solutions,
electronic prescribing solutions, ambulatory and acute care EHR solutions,
population health management technology, care management solutions, post-acute
discharge management solutions, and homecare EHR solutions. Competitors include:
Cerner, Change Healthcare, Cognizant (formerly TriZetto), eClinicalWorks, IBM Watson Health,
MedHost, Meditech, and

Recent Activity

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Allscripts received a lot of heat following a ransomware attack in January
2018 that impacted about 1,500 medical practices. According to information from
CSO Online, it wasn’t the actual attack that caused outrage from customers – it
was that it took Allscripts a week to get services back up and running.
Allscripts was targeted by SamSam, a family of ransomware that is known for
taking aim at healthcare companies. Although Allscripts claimed to have
appropriate security systems in place and data-sharing relationships with
various organizations including the FBI, the company had to cut off connections
to some of its data centers during the incident to minimize damage to its
systems. Steve Ragan, CSO Online’s Salted Hash columnist, asked Allscripts a
number of questions regarding the SamSam incident and where the security gaps
were in the company’s systems, but Allscripts declined to answer and instead
produced a canned response in "This was a new ransomware variant for which
no antivirus or patch was available."1 At least one lawsuit had
been filed in regards to the attack and that suit alleges that, among other
things, patient data was unavailable for a week, crippling businesses. In June
2019, a federal judge tossed out the lawsuit. 

Allscripts settled with the Justice Department, agreeing to pay a $145
million fine following a probe into Practice Fusion, a company that was acquired
in 2018. Practice Fusion had allegedly engaged in non-compliant business
practices involving kickbacks and HIPAA. Allscripts President Rick Poulton said
in a call with analysts, "The main focus has been on actions that occurred
prior to our ownership, and thus, we were motivated to reach an accord with the
DOJ as soon as possible so that we could put this chapter behind us."2

Acquisitions are part of Allscripts’ growth strategy. A few of these recent
deals include: 

  • The 2017 acquisition of McKesson’s hospital and health
    systems IT business, Enterprise Information Solutions, for $185 million. 
  • The 2018 purchase of HealthGrid, a mobile, enterprise patient engagement
    solution provider. 
  • The $100 million acquisition of Practice Fusion in early 2018. 

In late 2018, Allscripts sold its investment in Netsmart for $566.6 million.
Earlier in the year, Allscripts sold its Strategic Sourcing and OneContent
businesses, which had been acquired from McKesson’s Enterprise Information
Solutions business.


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1 Steve Ragan. "Ransomware, Healthcare and Incident
Response: Lessons from the Allscripts Attack." CSO Online. April 18,

2 Jessica Kim Cohen. "Allscripts Agrees to $145 Million
HIPAA, Kickback Settlement." Modern Healthcare. August 8.

About the Author

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Karen M. Spring is a staff editor for Faulkner Information
Services, tracking several high-tech industries. She has research experience in
various topics including network security, data breaches, malware, public
safety, business continuity and resilience and vulnerabilities. She has written
on high-tech topics for publications in the k-12 and higher education industry.
Ms. Spring started her career as a marketing specialist for two computer
distributors, working closely with such clients as 3Com, IBM, Okidata, Unisys,
and Acer. 

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