Alcatel-Lucent Router and Switch Portfolio (Archived Report)

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Router and Switch Portfolio

by Sherry Kercher

Docid: 00014563

Publication Date: 1706

Report Type: PRODUCT


Alcatel-Lucent’s portfolio of routers and switches includes multi-service equipment for
IP core routing, IP edge routing, IP/optical integration, and mobile backhaul. Each
product is developed for carrier-grade access circuit emulation, frame relay, IP, and ATM
services. In January 2016, Nokia completed its acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent. This
report describes the portfolio.

Report Contents:


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The Alcatel-Lucent switch and routing portfolio includes

multi-service equipment for cloud-optimized metro solutions, IP core
routing, IP edge routing, IP/optical integration, and mobile backhaul.


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Alcatel-Lucent Company Brief

A switch is a computer networking device that connects network segments. It

refers to a network bridge, which processes and routes data at the data link

layer of the OSI model (Layer 2) or multi-layer (Layer 3 and 4). Switches

can operate at one or more OSI layers including physical, data link, network,

or transport.

Company Name: Alcatel-Lucent


54 Rue La Boetie

Paris 75008, France

Phone: (011) +33-1-40-76-10-10

Fax: (011) +33-1-40-76-14-00


Type of Vendor: Telecommunications equipment and services


Founded: 1898 (Alcatel merged with Lucent in 2006)

Service Areas: Worldwide

Combined with the high-availability (99.9999 percent, in most instances) of

its products, the facility of switches in routing

information across disparate networking environments can be an invaluable asset to

enterprise carriers, especially as demands for QoS and enhanced voice and data

services are placed on larger network infrastructures.

Alcatel-Lucent’s switch and routing portfolio offers coverage for:

  • Cloud-Optimized Metro Solutions
  • IP Core Routing
  • IP Edge Routing
  • IP/Optical Integration
  • Mobile Backhaul

Select switches are detailed in Table 1.

Table 1. The Alcatel-Lucent Router and Switch Portfolio
Switch Model



Service Aware Manager (SAM)

Network and Service Management Provides network
and service management across the converged, all-IP network. It is
designed to provide unified operations in virtualized environment or
specialized hardware platforms. It is intended to provide efficient
provisioning, troubleshooting, and proactive assurance. 

Control Plane Assurance Manager (CPAM)

Network and Service Management

CPAM provides
real-time visualization, surveillance, and troubleshooting for IP/MPLS
networks and services. It is tightly integrated with the 5620 SAM,
helping to minimize multivendor control plane misconfigurations,
malfunctions, and undetected routing updates.

7210 Service Access Switch

Carrier Ethernet



Carrier Ethernet customer-edge devices designed as a service provider,

owned and managed by customer located equipment device. It is available

in MPLS and Ethernet variants.


Ethernet Service Switch

Mobile Backhaul / Interconnection

Carrier Ethernet

Carrier Ethernet


scalable, reliable, and predictable SLA-based services for consumer

triple play, business Carrier Ethernet VPN and mobile backhaul


Service Aggregation Router (SAR)

multiservice adaptation, aggregation, and routing for Ethernet and IP/MPLS
networks. It is intended to facilitate legacy to packet transformation,
and is optimized for fixed and mobile operators.
Service Router

IP Edge Routing A multiservice
edge router designed for the concurrent delivery of advanced
residential, business and mobile services on a common IP edge platform.
It is built on Alcatel-Lucent 400 Gb/s FP3 silicon technology.
Extensible Routing System (XRS)

IP Core Routing Provides scalable
core routing platforms, providing up to 80 100GE and/or 800 10GE ports
in a single 19-inch rack. It is designed to double this capacity in a
dual-chassis, back-to-back system configuration. It can scale to 40 Tb/s
in a single chassis with future expansion to 240 Tb/s system forwarding
capacity in a multichassis configuration.
Network Services Platform

Network and Service Management Unifies service
automation with network optimization. It is designed to bridge IT/OSS
and networking.

Virtualized Service Router (VSR)

IP Edge Routing A flexible
virtualized IP edge router architected and optimized for x86 server
environments. It is designed to enable rapid service innovation, extend
service reach, open new markets, and accelerate time to market. It
offers a homogenized physical infrastructure, and is based on the
Alcatel-Lucent Service Routing Operating System (SR OS).


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Table 2 looks at potential uses for Alcatel-Lucent’s switches.

Table 2.
Alcatel-Lucent Switch Applications


Switch Type

Target Area



2G-4G mobility backhaul and multi-service business


Carrier, VoIP, Voice and Multimedia

Public TDM Switching

Indoor or outdoor, small-capacity, traditional PSTN voice networks.

Mobile Core

Any-to-any switching environments.


Distributed switching architectures.


Mobile Backhaul / Interconnection

Consumer triple-play, business Carrier Ethernet VPN

and mobile backhaul applications.

Mobile Core

Any-to-any switching environments.


Operator environments for migrating to evolving standards.

Carrier Ethernet

Service Access and Ethernet Services Switch

Service provider environments with customer-located equipment. This includes

consumer triple-play and business Carrier Ethernet VPN services.

Mobile Core

Media and Wireless Media Gateway

Any-to-any switching environments that support TDM packet switching and native

TDM. This includes native TDM-to-TDM, native

packet-to-packet, and TDM-to-packet.


Optical Core Switching

Scalable optical systems for metro core and backbone applications.


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Alcatel-Lucent’s lineup of multiservice switches

and switch platforms include multi-service management, policy

administration, and Operation Support System integration over multiple

equipment layers.

Table 3 looks at support considerations.

Table 3. Environment Support


Switch Type

Support Options


Mobile Backhaul / Interconnection

Alcatel’s Wireless Call Server.

Mobile Core


Carrier Ethernet

Service Access and Ethernet Services Switch

Service Router Operating System and 5620 Service Aware Manager.

Mobile Core

Media and

Wireless Media Gateway

Alcatel’s Wireless Call Server.


Optical Core Switching

Add/drop multiplexer, broad- and wideband SDH/SONET, and L2 switching

functionalities from ring to meshed topologies, based on ASON/GMPLS dynamic

control plane.


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Alcatel-Lucent offers support services, including a Web site

with common problems and troubleshooting tips, as well as customer service lines

for live support. The company also promotes “Alcatel

University” online programs. Alcatel University classroom training is available worldwide.


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Alcatel-Lucent does not publish the prices for its switches and

switch-related products. Interested, potential customers can contact Alcatel resellers for

specific information, or contact its sales staff by filling out a sales support form.


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switch competitors include

Cisco’s extensive switch portfolio, Extreme’s stackable, access, and chassis-based switches, HP’s Networking Switches portfolio, Ciena’s Carrier Ethernet and Packet Optical

switches, Avaya’s Ethernet switches, Dell’s PowerConnect switches and Force10

portfolio, Brocade’s Ethernet, FC, and Converged switches, and Juniper’s EX and

QFX series switches.

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the Author

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this report]

Sherry Kercher is an editor for Faulkner Information
Services. She holds a master’s degree in library and information science, and tracks and writes about storage, communication networks and
equipment, and Internet technologies.

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