Lawson Software Healthcare Applications

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Lawson Software
Healthcare Applications

by Karen Spring

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Publication Date: 1209

Report Type: PRODUCT


Lawson Software provides an array of business intelligence software products
and applications to various industries, but it’s 2010 acquisition of
Healthvision enabled the company to further target the healthcare field. This
report takes a look at Lawson’s offerings that are marketing towards the
healthcare industry as well as details about competitive products.

Report Contents:


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Lawson Software

380 St. Peter Street
St. Paul, Minnesota 55102 US
(651) 767-7000
(800) 477-1357
Type of Vendor: Enterprise software
Founded: 1975
Service Areas: Global
Stock Symbol: LWSN

Lawson Software, an Infor affiliate, offers a suite of applications for the healthcare industry.
Lawson’s products and services are built upon the Cloverleaf Integration
Suite, an infrastructure that links various software applications, databases,
and systems. The vendor’s applications and services are designed to
improve physician and healthcare staff tasks and decisions while improving
efficiency. Lawson, a provider of business intelligence software, acquired
Healthvision in 2010 in an effort to branch out into the lucrative healthcare
industry. Healthvision’s Cloverleaf technology was the main pull for this
acquisition because it can integrate with Lawson’s own enterprise software to
create a tight suite that handles the needs of physicians, hospitals, and other
medical offices. 

The below table details
the key healthcare industry offerings that are in Lawson’s repertoire. 


Table 1. Lawson’s Healthcare Products and Services



Integration Software The Cloverleaf Integration Suite exchanges information among various software
applications, data repositories and information technology systems, within and
outside an enterprise. It enables clinicians, administrators, staff, and
external partners to share clinical, financial and administrative data in
real-time regardless of where it lives and what format it is in. Add-on modules

  • Cloverleaf Data Integrator – This open database connectivity component lets
    users integrate with database management systems including Oracle, Microsoft
    SQL Server, and IBM DB2. 
  • Cloverleaf Global Monitor – Supervises the overall health of all Cloverleaf
    components within the network. 
  • Cloverleaf High Availability – Ensures system availability through three
    configuration options: active/passive; active/test; and active/active. 

  • Cloverleaf Security Server – Secures the environment with user IDs,
    passwords, and access controls, and removes unauthorized users. 
  • Cloverleaf Intelligent Health Broker – Supports Web services through
    role-based access for compliance purposes. 
  • Cloverleaf Secure Courier – Deploys across multiple clients for sending and
    receiving data. 
  • Cloverleaf Message Warehouse – Sends and collects
    information into a single database management system. 
  • Cloverleaf IHE Infrastructure Adaptor – The IHE (Integrating the
    Healthcare Enterprise) adaptor lets providers integrate their non-IHE legacy
    systems into IHE framework to ensure the sharing of important data
    throughout the organization.

The Enterprise Master Person Index (EMPI) pulls records from multiple systems, sources, and hospitals and
cross-indexes such information to determine if it is for the same person
allowing for an overall view of patient records. 

Health Integration and Information Exchange 

Lawson Enterprise Exchange is a family of products that can be added on to its
Cloverleaf Suite for clinical summary exchange. The three components are: 

  • Cloverleaf Hospital Integration – Offers secure
    messaging and monitoring for the data flow between hospital facilities. 

  • Cloverleaf Enterprise Exchange – Enables document
    exchange between physicians and other care providers. 

  • Cloverleaf Hosted Healthcare Information Exchange –
    This standards-based infrastructure integrates clinical data across various
    systems and includes a repository, source system connectivity, referral
    management, and a clinical portal. 

  • Clinical Bridge – Consists of adapters as an ERP
    link for clinical, financial, and operational systems. 

Clinical Software

MediSuite consists of products for electronic health record systems, clinical
departments, patient management, and community care.
Components are:  

  • MediCDR –

    A centralized repository for patient healthcare data. 

  • MediClinic – An electronic health record system. 
  • MediCheld – A technical platform for long-term care institutions. 

  • MediPatient – Stores and tracks patient record data. 

  • MediPharm+ – A pharmacy system that manages pharmaceuticals for both acute
    and long-term care. 

  • MediPlan – Supervises the entire hospitalization process from admittance
    to follow up after discharge. 
  • MediRad – Automates data from medical imagery and diagnostic

  • MediResult – An order management system for various care settings. 
  • MediVisit – A management system for patient scheduling.
  • MediWeb – Streamlines patient data from various sources via a secure
    Internet connection. 

Lawson’s PARIS suite is designed for community care and offers modules
for mental health, children’s health, mobile technology, community, finance, and

Enterprise Master Person Index (EMPI)

The EMPI functionality, powered by IBM, offers the exchange of health
information electronically among various entities like physicians, patients,
healthcare plans, and hospitals. Components include: 

  • IBM Initiate Patient – Healthcare
    patient-specific algorithms and database schema to store the appropriate,
    organization-defined patient attributes to be used in the cross-matching of
    patient data.
  • IBM Initiate Provider – Healthcare
    provider-specific algorithms and database schema to store the appropriate,
    organization-defined provider attributes to be used in the cross-matching of
    provider data.
  • IBM Initiate Inspector – Provides a data
    console for the evaluation and resolution of data integrity issues detected
    by the identity engine.

Patient Administration and Operations Software

  • Analytics for Healthcare – Offers management and support for supply chain and

  • Performance Management – Eliminates manual processes

  • Supply Chain Management – A full scale procurement and distribution suite for
    the enhancement of the supply chain.

  • Surgical Instrument Management – Manages the usage and storage of
    instruments used by hospitals. 

  • Workforce Management – Streamlines the tasks for workplace management with
    applications for Healthcare Scheduling and Staffing; Healthcare Time and
    Attendance; and Healthcare TimeOff Planner. 


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Lawson’s healthcare products and services are used by those in the medical
field from standard physicians’ offices and hospitals to long-term care
institutions to ensure that all data for a patient throughout the lifecycle is


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Lawson provides support in three tiers: Xtreme, Xtreme Premium, and Xtreme
Elite The Xtreme level
is considered to be the most cost effective option, offering product updates,
electronic self-service, 24×7 online support, 24×5 support after hours for
severity 1 level issues, and telephone support during business hours. The Xtreme
Premium level includes all of the features of the Xtreme level
and includes a 24×7 support after hours for severity 1 level issues, priority
plan queuing , and WebEx Q&A sessions with support technicians. Xtreme Elite
includes the same benefits of the Xtreme Premium support level but with an elite
account manager assigned for support issue resolution as well as access to
senior level support. 


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Lawson does not publicly offer price information about its healthcare
applications due to various requirements needed by each customer. Interested
parties may call (800) 477-1357 or visit the vendor’s Web site for pricing


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The main competition for Lawson’s healthcare applications include: Emdeon’s
Office Suite; the Optum product suite from Axolotl; TriZetto’s
family of products; and GE Healthcare’s Healthcare IT Solutions.

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About the Author

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Karen M. Spring is a staff editor for Faulkner
Information Services, tracking high-tech industries, including network security,
ERP, CRM, network management, and search engines. Previously, Ms. Spring was a
marketing specialist for two computer distributors, working closely with such
clients as 3Com, IBM, Okidata, Unisys, and Acer.

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